We provide easy access to rich datasets for policy research

  1. Do you spend 50-80% of your time collecting, cleaning and cross-linking datasets?
  2. Have you spent endless hours fixing metadata, matching asset names across datasets or validating locations on maps?
  3. Do tight project timelines mean your data collection is ad hoc and not continuous? Does this lead to repeat work in future projects?
  4. Do you struggle to share data and outputs with each other?
  5. Have you tried solving these problems in your organization but faced severe challenges?

With us, you are covered

We have continuous processes to collect, clean and cross-link varied datasets for India in sectors like electricity, oil & gas, air quality, climate and water.

But storing data is not enough. Using data for decision-making needs pipelines to make data and decisions flow to where they are needed.

We bring the data to you via a web-based, no-code visualizations platform - Signals - based on the Apache Superset project. You can explore data, build dashboards, set alerts and collaborate with your team-mates in your project journey.

Earthmetry Signals

You love coding? We host Notebooks for you so that the datasets plug into your code. Just like that!

Earthmetry Notebooks

Bring your own data

  • We can host your private datasets on postgres or BigQuery
  • You have set up your own databases? Just connect them to Signals to enable exploration and collaboration.

Go to a future where you can...

  • Focus on building models and telling stories
  • Dive deeper into problems
  • Deliver quality even in a time-crunch